Eye cohort study

The first phase of this study is performed in 2015 for primary school children (children between 6 to 12 years old) in rural and urban area of Shahroud, northeast Iran. At this stage 6624 student randomly selected and invited in study. Finally 5620 (84.8%) of them participated In the study.

Full optometric examination, corrected and uncorrected visual acuity and if necessary, glasses prescription were done for all children. Other examinations included measurement of blood pressure, anthropometry and full dental examination. Children are referred to an ophthalmologist when specific examinations were needed.

It is planned to repeat all examination every 2 years for 10 years.


One Of The Largest Studies In Ophthalmology

Identify the causes of vision disorders

In the world, many causes of eye diseases are not yet known, and these studies can help in their early recognition and treatment.

Global results of studies

The results of this study are a good resource for ophthalmology scientists. So far, about eighty articles have been published from the data of this study and some are being published.

The path we have taken so far


The first phase of studies

The first stage was done in the 2015. At this stage, 6624 students were invited and 5620 (84.8%) participated in this study.


The second phase of studies

The second phase of this study began in the second decade of May 2017. At this stage, 5620 students were invited, of which 5292 (94.1%) participated.