The results of eye cohort studies became a global reference

On Thursday, in a press conference held on the occasion of World Vision Day at Shahrood University of Medical Sciences, Hossein Shibani added: The results of the eye cohort studies of this university, in addition to being published in the Lancet magazine, are in today’s report of the World Health Organization as a reference for the region. Eastern Mediterranean Countries (EMRO) was introduced.

He stated that there are 2 active eye group centers in the branch of this university: Shahrood eye group study center with 15 years of experience and the staff eye group study center have been continuously active for more than five years.

The president of Shahrood University of Medical Sciences stated that the most important mission of the University of Medical Sciences is to promote health and create justice in the enjoyment of health, and stated that the percentage of unknown patients is high in many diseases. He also pointed out that in cohort study plans, the patient’s current condition is examined, and continued: The progress of the disease is examined at different time intervals according to the type of disease, every three or five years.

In this meeting, Mohammad Hassan Emamian, Vice President of Research and Technology of Shahrood University of Medical Sciences, pointed out some of the results obtained from the eye cohort studies of this university.